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A rhythm-based dungeon crawler for original NES and FamiCom. Explore mysterious ruins, find powerful weapons, and slay to the beat. Maps and enemy placement are randomized each time you play, so no two runs are quite the same.

How to Play:
D-Pad: Move around and attack enemies.

You can move freely in any direction, but when there's enemies onscreen, everyone moves to the beat of the music. Enemies move to the groove, so learn their patterns and avoid their attacks. When you move towards an enemy, you'll swing your weapon. Each weapon works a little differently, so try them all and find your favorite.

Your objective on each floor is to find the Big Key, then use it to unlock the Stairs to the next level. If you clear a room of enemies, you'll get a chest containing hearts, weapons, or treasure. (You can also move more quickly in cleared rooms.) Should you race for the exit in as few beats as possible, or challenge all enemies and shoot for a high score? The choice is yours!

Programmed in one month for the NESDev 2022 Compo, with original music and artwork. Currently more of a demo, featuring the first planned zone and a variety of enemies.


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Tactus (NESDev Compo 2022).nes 64 kB

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I would love to chat about a physical release if you were ever interested in doing that! Very cool stuff! Congrats on everything! Email me if you want to talk about it Johnroo@theretroroomgames.com 

This game is absolutely amazing! I am having such a wonderful time playing this. I would love to see more CotN elements, like a shop and a penalty mode for missing beats in enemy rooms. Keep up the fantastic work!


This really captures the energy of CotN/CoH super well! 

It's hard to really pick apart the game when it's just everything coming together so nicely, but it does feel pretty necessary to specifically say that the music is really impressive.  :P

Looking forward to the full game!

Very nice game !

Oooh, I need to write up a mini tutorial don't I? You damage enemies by moving towards them. It's a D-pad only game :)